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“To The Moon!!!” By Mad Dog / 1 of 1

10 % of sales will go to creator

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“To The Moon!!!” By Mad Dog 1 of 1 Show your support for the young “Retail Investor” and help us keep “Sticking it to the Hedgies” by purchasing this 1 of 1 digital gem by the infamous 10-year-old young lady Mad Dog! Min amt 1 Eth No physical piece Mad Dog Mad Dog is a “Super Cool 😎” 10-year-old young lady who is exploring her talents and ambitions for art and investing. While other young ladies her age are playing dolls and makeup, this driven young lady is doing her part to bring fun and education to investors one NFT at a time!!! 100% of her proceeds go toward her future college fund and her future crypto and retail investments!!!

Minted about 2 months ago
by @MintyNFTArt

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by Eric

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